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Monday, February 16, 2009


I have another new widget on my sidebar.
This one will actually be a widget for ME. I can learn a new Italian word every day. This is awesome... at this rate I will be fluent by May (May 2020 maybe)

Which brings me to 'widgetmania'.
Y'all know exactly what I am talking about. Some bloggers have gone overboard with the widgets~ I'm afraid I am becoming one of them. There are widgets for every little thing, every award you have ever gotten, links to favorites, updated links to updated blogs, recipes lists, food searches, google searches...
What to do??
Somebody stop me!!


Sally said...

Yep. You've got a lot of widgets over there. *humming* :-)

Lisa said...

I think I need to get on the widget wagon...

Anonymous said...

Well, you have officially gone over the top. However, if it wre that easy to stop you from doing anything Bill would have done it years ago!

A better way to learn italian would eb to spend amonth there twice a year!

Sandi McBride said...

Oh this is neat...I need to brush up on my spanish...Daddy says cursing in Spanish is not being fluent...perhaps the Senor El Doctore has a point? Thanks for this. I'm reading Whistlestop yet again...sigh...will I ever read it and not learn something new? Doubtful!

Barb said...

I think that's a great ideal,I need to do that....Barb

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

LOL....who ever woulda thunk it?

hmmmm love the idea of learning Italian, I already have the hand action down..


Barbara said...

I tried to put that widget on my blog too but couldn't get it to work so I had to settle for writing about getting the word for the day via email.

Congratulations for being so computer/blogger savvy that you got this to work!

girasoli said...

That's a very cool widget. I will have to come check out the word of the day on your blog every day :)

You certainly do have a lot of widgets! There might be a contest out there somewhere that you can win for the number of widgets on a blog :)

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Sally~ I am going to redecorate
Lisa~ I need to get off the widget wagon
Jerry~ I think the twice a year is a good idea.
Sandi~ they have one for spanish too.
Barb~ you are much better at languages than I am
Francie~ the hand motions help!
Barbara~ I can cut and paste...but that is about it.

Leigh said...

You do realize that when you are away I am going to be living vicariously through you. And your pictures. I am jsut as excited about your trip as you are. Oh...and to go antiquing there. Awesome!

nanny said...

That is so cool,,,I'm gonna follow along with you on the Italian. Maybe one day we will blog in Italian///ha

Marcia said...

If Kim (who does all my tech stuff) would give me a widget lesson, I might have one, too - maybe tech stuff would be a good project for my summer break. But an Italian word a day can't be anything but good - have fun with it.

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