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Thursday, March 25, 2010


What is it about the coast?~ the sound of the waves, the clean ocean breezes. It refreshes the soul.
We need a little refreshment.

It'll be a sad/happy weekend.
I'll have my laptop~ if I have time for bloggin.
Y'all don't forget our ♥Friday's Favorites♥ Linky Party tomorrow.
Come by for a cupcake.


Char said...

have fun!

Elz said...

Oh no, I hope it is not too sad. The beach always renews my soul.

Kat said...

Coming my way? FYI...we're leaving in the morning for a quick trip to Jackson (party for Bree and Jay) but we'll be home on Sunday. If you do come here, give me a call. If not, have fun wherever you go.


Nishant said...

These look good!
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