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Monday, June 07, 2010

Bologna~ the city for food!

Bologna is one of the oldest cities in Italy. It is steeped in tradition~ of food and architecture. This is a shot of the 3 amici sharing a glass of vino in piazza San Stephano.The city has been known as "the fat one" (la grassa)
Yes... long before I arrived! It get's this name because of its cuisine.
Palma has planned meals for every night... my favorite so far (subject to change!).
There are more food markets than you can even imagine. Look at this fresh pasta in the window.

Tomorrow a tour of the Basalmico and Parmigiano Reggiano, then a cooking class. I am in bliss!
Ciao y'all~


nanny said...

I can only imagine!!!!
Beautiful Shots!!!!

It's Just Dottie said...

I think you are so lucky to be living this fairytale trip. Pure magical.

Char said... sounds so divine - and the cooking class, perfect

bellini valli said...



I love Italy. I went to see Letter to Juliet last night with my Italy traveling buddy and we are so ready to go again. I can so see me being part of the secretaria de Julieta.

Elz said...

Love the first picture, of the three wine glasses. Perfect from a photo standpoint, but also because it captures three friends on a great trip!

girasoli said...

Fantastic photos!! I am definitely going to have to eat at Biagi the next time I return.

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