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Saturday, May 19, 2012

PhotoHunt~ Magical

The PhotoHunt for this week is 'Magical'.
I cant think of anything more Magical than seeing the sun shine through the oculus at the Pantheon in Rome.
The opening in the ceiling is 27 feet ~ the same size as the doorway.
The dome is larger than St Peter's Bascilica
Which is my first stop this morning ~ after a cappuccino (or two)
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Happy Hunting y'all~


Anonymous said...

Yup - lots of magic there!!! I hope that you're taking the trek up to the roof . . . you'll see Rome in a way you never imagined before.

Anonymous said...

PS - I am offended by the captch words I had moron and dope in mine. I think the internet is trying to tell me something!!!!!

Virginia said...

Hey darlin,
I'm glad you're there safely and having fun...DUH! Thanks for solving the mystery on my blog today.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I am just green with ENVY, Sandi!! I love Roma!! And, the Pantheon is one of the most amazing pieces of architecture I have ever seen!! Enjoy for me, too!! Ciao!

Mari said...

You are so lucky! What an amazing place to be.

Rykers Boyz n Allie said...

Gorgeous! Ours is up too today at our site !

Carver said...

Wonderful magical shot. I hope you are enjoying your trip.

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