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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Flavors ~Sea Bass~ 'Fresh Sea Bass on Wild Mushroom Risotto'

I have been really worrying about some of these Fishy 'flavors'. . . not because I don't like fish. It is a proven fact that it is nearly impossible to find good fish at the Piggly Wiggly!
I was talking about this with Chef Rob . . . not a problem he says ~ I'm breaking down fresh fish all the time.
So . . . guess who my guest Chef will be? I have to give the credit to The Tavern of St Clair and Rob. I would never be whacking at this thing in my kitchen!The special tonight at the Tavern is ~
Fresh Sea Bass on Wild Mushroom Risotto with Grilled Asparagus
(recipe by description of the chef...)
Season the sea bass with salt and pepper.
On a hot grill, splash some oil and heat to a slight smoke. With a sprig of fresh thyme, sear the sea bass skin side down. Flash sear until you have a crispy skin and golden color. Flip it once.

Serve over a healthy portion of wild mushroom risotto in a shallow bowl with a slant of asparagus. This is a hot entree and will be gone by the end of the night.
And he was right!

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Happy Cooking y'all~

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