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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Flavors ~Veal~ 'Ground Veal Lettuce Wraps'

The 'flavor' for this week is veal. Since I am in Italy, I can say that I have had some awesome Italian veal dshes this week.
Sorry for you .  .  . this is actually a veal dish I made before I left home.

Y'all don't expect me to be cooking while on Vacation do you? ~ this is not the great escape I used to take, where I had access to a kitchen.
This is a light and summery lettuce wrap that includes the 'Flavors' that are recommended. I used veal, but it would be good with chicken as well
Ground Veal Lettuce Wraps
2 tsp vegetable oil
1 pound ground veal
2 Tbs minced GINGER
2 cloves GARLIC, minced
1/2 cup minced MUSHROOMS
1/2 cup water chestnuts minced
1 CUCUMBER minced
2 Tbs spicy asian MUSTARD
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
lettuce for wraps

In a skillet saute the ground veal in vegetable oil until brown. Stir in ginger, garlic, and mushrooms. Add soy sauce, mustard, and hoisin and cook for another minute.
Serve warm wrapped in lettuce cups. Sprinkle with fresh minced cucumber and green onions.
I do miss having a kitchen in Italy . . . I'll just have to bring my favorite flavors home. Until then I'm eating out!
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Happy Cooking y'all~

1 comment:

bellini said...

I know you are sitting on the Amalfi Coast. overlooking the clouded houses and eating cheeses wrapped in lemon leaves. I am still dreaming of this adventure. As for lettuce wraps they are a favourite around here.

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