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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Flavors ~Squid~ 'Fried Calimari with Sea Salt'

Y'all know, I have said before that the most exciting thing about the 'Flavors' is the challenge. This week the challenge was quite an adventure. It is my week to cook with Squid~ no problem! We Southerners are good at frying things!
The true challenge was to find a fresh squid in Birmingham. When Jan and I were cooking up our Bottarga in Venice... I wish we had bought some of these babies at the Rialto Fish Market and fried them up right then and there.
'Allora'~ I was on a search. My first stop was Snapper Grabber's in Vestavia~ the best place for fresh seafood in this area. (one word of advise... don't go on monday because they are closed)
I ended up at Whole Foods... and ended up with a bag of frozen squid. The best part about these squid are that they are already cleaned!The process of frying the calamari rings is very simple. Pat the rings dry, lightly coat with flour and shake off the excess. Fry in vegetable oil without crowding, drain and sprinkle with salt. . . lots of salt!

Once again, a fun adventure. One that has the flavor of the Pescheria in Venice.
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Happy Cooking y'all~


bellini said...

We are hard pressed to find squid here as well, but think of the all of the other amazing seafood in our areas!

Cooking Tip of The Day said...

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Lisa Pogue said...

I so want to try squid. I think it sounds like something I'd like.

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