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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Photohunt ~Numerical

This week's photohunt is 'Numerical'Not exactly my idea of fun... but it is numerical.
Happy Hunting y'all~


Frances said...

Hey this looks like a yummy blog.
You always find the nicest blogs when you go Photohunting.
Your post is not only numerical it reminds me I should be doing my arm exercizes :)
Have an amazing weekend.

Char said...

definitely fits the theme! :) not my idea of fun either.

Manang Kim said...

Great shot for pumping those muscles! Happy weekend!
Photo Hunt-Numerical

And Miles To Go... said...

Hey! Great take on this weeks theme. Feel like I need to go workout now!

Pam said...

Not my idea of fun either.

Sandra said...

Very creative, thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the weekend.

jan said...

wow perfect choice of picture for the theme..

please visit mine here

have a good weekend

JDeQ said...

You've been busy with those 20s have you?

This was a great take on this week's theme.

Happy hunting! Have a great weekend!

Eds said...

hope my hobby learn how to use them.

koralee said...

Very this image! xoxoxo Happy new week.

Eden said...

I seldom see those numerical items... and I need to.

Great take on the theme.

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