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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Travel Tuesday ~ Serindipity

I have posted on the pictureseque town of Montisi on several occasions. HereAgain Here, and another Traveling Tuesday Here
It is a Tuscan hill town where we have stayed on Many occasions . . .  we still go every year for our art lessons.

This trip to Montisi was a moment of Serindipity ~

The sunday we went was the day of the Infiorata. The whole town was preparing for the  Processione del Corpus Domini ~ the holy procession commemorating  the blood of Christ.

The streets are lined with petals of flowers . . . some in artistic patterns.

The town's people are all on their doorsteps . . . unless they are in the parade.  The Priest  preceds the the Eucharist (which represents the blood of christ) under a baldachin (a portable golden canopy). 

I loved knowing that I was a part of this procession that dates back to the 1500's

The whole down was decorated with flowers . . .  for the time of the procession.

As quickly as the petals appeared, they were swept up. . .
The girls who were in their painting class missed the whole thing.
Just a moment of serindipity.

I am also joining Our World Tuesday
Y'all enjoy the ride~

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A View From A Brown Dog said...

Wow what a wonderful capture and good timing indeed. Great story and so much history here!

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