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Monday, May 25, 2009


This is my second time to come to Montisi to stay in the Villa Maddalena (seriously click on that link) with Gail's Great Escape. Coming to Montisi this time feels like home.
This is a midevil Tuscan villiage with the original walls and beautiful alleyways (they call these roads) and fabulous homes. Montisi is a unique hillside town with a little of everything... very little. There is a coffee shop and an outdoor trattoria that suposedly has WiFi (I haven't been able to find out how to get onto it!) I have found my way to an internet bar in Montepulciano so I can atleast check in... no new photos until I can get my laptop up and going.

We have had the chance to eat at Roberto's Taverna in Montisi. I will post more on that later, but I can say it was a fun evening under the stars. The food was fabulous and the company even better.

This will be my home for the next couple of weeks. I will post as often as possible. Y'all can travel with me!

Ciao yall


Char said...

sounds fabulous. glad you're having a great time.

Mari said...

It looks like a wonderful place to stay. Enjoy!

barb cabot said...

Oh my goodness Sandi. How wonderful it must be. I will look forward to every post you make. Hello to Gail. Ciao Bella!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

AAAAA mazing!!!!!!!

nancyhol said...

We are all here traveling with you!

Look forward to hearing about your adventures.

Tina- said...

oh what fun!

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