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Friday, May 08, 2009

Signs, Signs~

Signs, Signs~ everywhere are signs...

You can't help but sing that song.
Mitzi Studio M Designs is having a sign party. I had just the thing from Burris' Market in Loxley.
Wouldn't life be wonderful if this was true?

Happy Friday y'all!


Chef E said...

I love old signs like this... I saw a Mountain Dew sign in Hannibal Missouri, but no one would help me get it. How would I have explained that one to the airport security, lol

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Ahhh, but yes! Wouldn't it be nice!
Hey, I thought of you the other day! I was in Consigning Interiors in Pelham and on the far right of the store, along the all was a oil painting on canvas of a green tomato, with the words green tomato written underneath. I was dashin gout the door, or would've gotten it for you. Dont even know how much it cost. The colors were bright and cheery-like you! But am sure you could paint one yourself.

Pearl Maple said...

Well i do believe the song was right with a spoon full of sugar, so the sign must be right too. Oh if life could be so much more fun if we all ran on sugar syrups.

The cook books are a great gift idea for mother's day, one can never have too much of the good stuff.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

ChefE~ you couldn't have said it was a belt buckle?
Leigh~ I'll have to check that out! That is a fun place to explore.
Pearl~ that could be the problem... maybe to many people run on syrup and sugar!

Marie Reed said...

I just love this bright and cheery Karo sign!

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