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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Locks of Love

Locks of love, or lucchetti dell’amore, are the padlocks fixed by loving couples in Italy. These couples will attach a lockon the Ponte de Vechio and then throw the key into the Arno River. Apparently, officials in Florence have tried to stop the practice... There is even a sign that says the fine for attaching locks to the railing is 160 euros. It doesn't seem to be working.
Especially when the vendor right on the bridge is selling cheap padlocks and replicas of the David. I wonder if Snookie and the Situation have attached thier Lucchetti?
Ciao y'all~


Denise said...

What an interesting tradition. This is an area I would love to visit one day. Your photos are great and I enjoyed the tour, thank you.

RSA Now said...

Aw that's cute. I think it's a lovely tradition, I'd like to go put a lock on there myself ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure we'll see clips of snookie and her pals clamping giant and gaudy locks to the delicate metalwork. no doubt one of them will be drunk and topple into the Arno. One can hope . . . one can hope.

jan said...

They put them on the Accademia bridge in Venice, too. Tourist POV--it's cute!

Lisa said...

This is priceless!! I love romance!!

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