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Monday, January 04, 2010

Promises for the new year

I know it is no longer January 1st, but for us the week starts on Monday. So now that the holidays are officially over, I can get down to real business.
I try every year to make a list of promises for the new year. Not so much a 'resolution', but a promise to myself to try something new (or just to do something I've avoided).
My list for 2009 was very successful, in 2008 I gracefully achieved almost every goal, 2007 was a hot success.

This gets a little harder, because I am trying not to repeat.~ I'd like to say because I have already accomplished everything on my lists. Really it is because I hate to admit defeat. So without any more procrastination...

My list for 2010~
*Join the CSA for local produce, then use it
*Clean out those closets
*Start everyday with breakfast
*Get a full body scan (at an airport)
*Plant and grow my own tomatoes
*Share another week (or 2) of Tuscan sunsets with friends
*Write my 2009 Christmas letter
*Spend the 4th of July at a Boston Tea Party
*Get a pedicure once a month
*Defrost the freezer at least once this year

That sounds like a do-able list, I already see 2 that I might delegate.
Are you a list maker?
Happy New Year y'all!


nanny said...

yep I think that list will work....
the breakfast one would be the hardest for me....I don't get hungry until 9 - 10 then I don't want to ruin my lunch/ha....I get by with just coffee

Cora said...

I find that I am more productive when I make a list of things to do. You see it as a reminder, then as you mark each off the list you see accomplishments! And that's rewarding!
Good luck with yours :)

Char said...

love the pedicure one - i was thinking that i need one even though it's winter

Mo said...

Hope you manage to acheive a few

kaye said...


Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Nanny~ breakfast isn't easy for me either... I'll give it a try!
Cora~ I am not a list maker by nature, Bill on the otherhand is a champion!
Char~ let's go.
Mo~ thanks, I hope to acheive MO than a :-)
Kaye~ where's your list?

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