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Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday Small Bites

We have spent the last several months coming up with recipes for appetizers. We have called it Sunday Small Bites and have posted recipes for our secret ingredient of the week. It is amazing what different people can do with a single ingredient. I used Mr Mcklinky to link up to all the different blogs, so now we have a collection of recipes.

Our next Slow Travel adventure is going to be Sunday Slow Dinners. We will all be cooking the same recipe, this time dinner ingredients. We start next week.
Y'all stay tuned!


Chef E said...

This sounds like fun, I will try and keep up with you when I return from St Louis!

Char said...

yum! i love my slow cooker

bj said...

Hey, ya'll, this sounds super.
Hope I can stay up with you!!
I keep getting lost from all the blogs that have things I want to be a part of...I have a calander that i mark but, so many things going on.
xo bj

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

E~ Have fun in St Loui
Char~ Problem.
I don't even own a slow cooker (what kind of southern cook am I?)
BJ~ I have a hard time keeping up too. This is an every sunday thing... that helps!

Annie said...

Small Bites was really a lot of fun. Love your collage!

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