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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Full of Memories and Pasta

We are stuffed full of memories and pasta. Today is the day we leave Montisi.

Gail has another group of lucky travelers to fill this villa, her second group of 3 weeks. She will have a wonderful time~ but never again a week like this one.

This has been a chance to live with friends for a week in a breathtakingly beautiful spot. Montisi is a warm and welcoming Tuscan town; they have opened their arms to us. The townfolk may be able to find a table again in the morning at the cafe, Even Roberto may miss us invading his restaurant in the late evenings.

In a funny way I am excited to get back to London, where we can down load these cameras and see what photos we have. I will go back and fill in some photos on the posts I have tried to do 'on the road'. There will be hundreds!

I will carry memories of pasta and poppies... I can't wait to catch up on the blogs!
Ciao y'all~


Anonymous said...

Dear Sandi, Thanks so much for keeping in touch as you travel. Wonderful to see you frolicking in poppy fields. Can't wait for all the details and more and more photos! Yay for you! Barb Cabot

Sandi McBride said...

Just think, your own bed to sleep in, your own kitchen to cook in...there's no place like home

justabeachkat said...

What a cute photo of you with the poppies. Just great!


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