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Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Back Roads

We are driving the back roads today from Florence to Montisi. We will head along to the Prada Outlet. Not that I need any REAL Prada in Alabama. One of those purses the gypsies were selling in Florence would have been just fine.
We are planning lunch in Sienna at Il Campo, I am stopping at the bakery for some incredible almond cookies. The Duomo in Sienna is absolutely breathtaking. I wonder if I can paint my bathroom to look like black and white marble?
Montisi by this afternoon! Palma and Brad have been in Rome, Jerry and Paul have been in Lucca... we will all be together with Gail and John in the villa by this evening. Good friends, Good food, Good wine... in Italy. I am beyond excited.

Ciao y'all,


Jeanne said...

The sites, the food. How can you contain yourself?

justabeachkat said...

I'm still jealous!

Enjoy! We want more pictures!


Sandrac said...

I love Siena sooooo much, and your photos are fantastic. I'm black-and-white with envy!

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