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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Life is like...

This is what we found in our laundry room last week.

I can say that that little bird was really scared before she flew away. (unfortunately there was evidence everywhere!)

I saw where Donna Kay from Life on Primrose Lane posted pictures of her favorite laundry rooms. I love this one with the fresh flowers, cute wallpaper, and chandelier. Check out the writing on the wall.
"Like is like laundry..."

How do y'all think the saying ends?? Sandi


girasoli said...

I had a bird fly into my house through my dryer vent once (when the vent was disconnected while the floor was being tiled). This bird was huge though and took quite a while to get out of my house. Later in the year another bird got stuck in my vent. This time the end was not as happy since the vent was connected.

I love the photo of the laundry room. It is so bright and cheery. And...your post just reminded me of the laundry I need to do! :)

Mary said...

Life is like laundry, you never know where the socks are going.
I enjoy reading your blog and I have a soft spot for laundry rooms since mine needs lots of help!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Girasoli~ that is funny... and not.
No birds were harmed in this incident~ laundry, but not birds!
Mary~ that is a good one!

Life is like laundry~ lots of messes to clean up.

girasoli said...

I was horrified when the second bird got stuck inside. A friend also told me it could have been a fire hazard. It was a good thing I knew the bird was in there. Since then, no further incidents (knock on wood!).

Jerry said...

How nasty to trap that poor creature in your laundry room! LOL

A laundry room is not a decorators paradise - if it looked nice I might be tempted to spend some time there - ewwwwwww

Sally said...

Is that how it ends Sandi, "lots of messes to clean up"? My washing machine is in the "north room" (where we eat) and the dryer is in the kitchen, so my "laundry room" is my whole house! *grins*

Sorry about the bird poop. Hey! At least it wasn't a pelican, or something. LOL

Jeanne said...

Poor little birdie, least it was okay though. Wow that laundry room is awesome, wish mine looked like that. Maybe in time..lots of

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Life is like laundry... ??
You spent your days sorting it all out.

London Southern Belle said...

awww sweet birdie. Hope he made it out ok.

Loved the photo of the laundry room.... dreamy :)

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