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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Back in London!

If you've visited our blog very often, you know that I have made several trips to London. It helps to have family here! This trip is just a stop off on our way to Italy.

London is a fabulous city! It is not known for its 'British' cuisine~ but you can get some great international food. Tonight we are going to one of our favorite Italian restaurants in Knightsbridge Signor Sassi. The Italian food may not be as good as we will have tomorrow night, or when Palma is cooking for us in Montisi... But we will enjoy it just the same!

Next stop Pisa!

Ciao Y'all,


Sugar Bear said...

So happy for you and so envious (in a good way!). Lovin this trip!

Anonymous said...

Sandi, great news that you arrived safe and sound and are with family now! Have fun and keep blogging from Europe! Barb Cabot

artgirlATL said...

Gosh I wish I were with you. Thanks for letting us live it through your lenses!

justabeachkat said...

Have fun and take lots of photos.


Carla said...

Back in London? Ooh, you are very lucky indeed.

London Southern Belle said...

glad you enjoyed your time here in London. The weather hasn't been too bad which is a plus!

Oooh italy! I am green with envy!

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