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Monday, January 02, 2012

Promises for 2012

Every year I have blogged about my list of Promises. They aren't really New Year's Resolutions; More a list of Promises to MySelf (which are the very best kind aren't they?).

In 2010 , I procrastinated . . . and included my 2009 christmas letters. In 2009 I decided to support our local markets and stay out of Walmart . . . I was ahead of the 'Local Movement'.
2008 was the year to 'learn Italian' ~ pfffft ~ we all know this is an example of a poorly planned promise. That is just not a goal for one year. I promised to wear sunscreen in 2007 . . . this has proven to be to little, to late.
It is funny to see over the years how things have changed. It is even funnier to see my list of promises for 2011 ~ to dance at my daughter's wedding and to welcome a new son into the family.
That barely covers the year that we have had! Not complaining~ Just sayin'. I am still exploring those moments in life that lead to contentment. I've cooked my way through TheEssentialsofItalianCooking and now I'm working on Flavors, neither lead towards skinny jeans!

Which leads me to my Promises for 2012
~ To love on our new grandbaby Hope!
~ Make use of frequent flyer miles to Charlotte
~ De-Clutter my world
~ To go down one size in those skinny jeans
~ Relax with mi amici under the May sunsets in Italy
~ Make a difference in someone else's life
~ Sink my red toes into the sand
~ To NOT text when I drive
~ To be a part of someone else's special wedding day, through my cake toppers
~ To Laugh Out Loud at myself more often
And . . . there it is.
My list of promises for 2012.
Our hope is . . . that each of you can find the Promise of the New Year.
Now ~ let's watch the Rose Parade!


nanny said...

I love your list....sounds perfect to me...
Oh that sweet little hand. Sure can steal your heart.

Justabeachkat said...

A great list!

BTW...just like my blog post tonight expresses - YOU are important to me. Thanks for your friendship.


Jane said...

Love your "promises"!

We, too, have a new grandbaby, due next month. (our first).
Love Whistle Stop Cafe...and products. They're so very...SOUTHERN! (Like me! I'm a native FL girl, who went to college in Macon, GA...the accent is gone...until I get around those who speak with southern tongue...then watch out!)

Holledayz said...

Very inspiring and attainable..I guess this means I will see you in Italy and at the beach!
Hugs from London!

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