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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

It's beginning to feel like market season~

I haven't been very good about posting on Traveling Tuesday ~ But it is beginning to feel a little like spring here.
That means Market time~
Markets in Alabama are a long way from the street markets in London ~ these photos are from Holly's local Pimlico Organic Market.
Maybe they aren't so different after all. . .
I'm thinking Fried Green Tomaotes ~
It's always fun to wander . . . and have a 'taste and a chat'
Even the signs are so very british.
Maybe we should have picked up one of 'lil Jack Horner's pies'

I am also joining Our World Tuesday
Y'all enjoy the ride~

Saturday, February 22, 2014

PhotoHunt ~Amber

The PhotoHunt for today is 'Amber'

This was harder than it seemed . . .
I went with the summer time treat of the amber color of fresh Chilton County peaches and baked brie with honey and thyme.

I am counting the days till spring.
Happy Hunting y'all ~

Saturday, February 15, 2014

PhotoHunt ~Reflection

The PhotoHunt for today is Reflection ~ I am sharing reflections from the warm gulf waters around Fisher's in Orange Beach.
And . . . we have a special announcement.

Chef Rob is getting married ~ and luckily he has chosen the perfect girl.
She is a (future) pasty chef.
I may never have to cook again.
They are the cutest couple (here she is peeping through the window into the kitchen at her beau)
How sweet is that?

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Happy Hunting y'all~

Saturday, February 08, 2014

PhotoHunt ~ Intricate

The PhotoHunt for today is Intricate.

The fascinating mosaics in Ravenna are the most intricate . . .not only in the churches, but all over the city.

Even the floors are an intricate pattern of tiny mosaic tiles ~ that have been walked on for hundreds of years.

The photos don't do it justice.
Happy Hunting y'all ~

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Traveling... in my mind!

I haven't posted a Travel Tuesday in a while . . . life is to busy to even think of traveling.
All the more reason to post a photo of our evening at al Barilotto del Nonno
This is a family style restaurant above the village of Positano.

The views of the Amalfi coast are amazing. The food is simple and perfection . . . Maybe some fresh calimari? And a glass of vino of course!
It helps when the owner Giovanni will sing a song or two for friends ~
Ahhh ~ Italy.

I am also joining Our World Tuesday
Y'all enjoy the ride~

Saturday, February 01, 2014

PhotoHunt ~Bridge

This is my favorite Bridge in the world ~

Ponte Sant'Angelo leading across the Tiber River, from the city of Rome to Vatican city.

The statues of the angels are life sized, but staning on huge platforms. They are holding the 'instruments of passion' and were done by Bernini in the 1600's

This is the perfect spot to watch the sunset ~ and be amazed.

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Happy Hunting y'all~
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