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Friday, November 17, 2006

The Iron Bowl

Today is the day… 364 days a year Bill and I are in agreement. Well, maybe not total agreement; more like yen and yang, salt and pepper, cheese and grits. We compliment each other well.

This is the day that Auburn and Alabama play in the Iron Bowl. This is the biggest thing in Alabama since we were attacked in the War of Northern Aggression. Everyone, even babies and pets, choose sides.

I moved to Alabama in my teens, without a clue about all of this War Eagle and Roll Tide excitement. My Dad, ‘The Colonel’ , moved us to Auburn to run the Air Force ROTCi the 70's. My freckles soon turned orange and blue- and have been ever since.
Bill is proud to say that he played ball with the great Johnny Musso, he can quote ‘The Bear’ on many subjects, and would not be caught wearing orange for any reason. The whole McMichael clan bleeds red and white.

One year we were even written up in the local paper as a ‘house divided’. Yet year after year we look forward to ( or dread ) this day.
So… today the Tide meets the Tigers. It is about 364 days of bragging rights. It is always a nail biter day, our fate will depend on the wind, and the rain… May the best team win!

War Eagle Y’all!

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