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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Home Projects

Why is it that a small project that can be done on HGTV in a 30 minute program, will turn into a 4 day obsession for me. I manage to get wrapped up into these little projects ... and everything else has to go on hold. Dishes, cooking, cleaning, even WhistleStop Cafe blogging... Bill and Fancy have learned to stay out of the way.

My little redecorating project was simply to cover up the outdated wallpaper in the kitchen~ a quick HGTV segment that I have seen before. Now, I have taken down my share of wallpaper in the past, and I will just say that I don't have enough fingernails or patience to ever do that again.

My friend 'Tim the toolman' told me that the quick and easy way would be to mix the paint with sheet-rock mud and slap it on over the paper. Two misleading words here would be 'quick' and 'easy'....but I was ready to get 'r done.

Really y'all, it wasn't complicated; just time consuming, back breaking, and exhausting. The paper didn't need to come down, but the walls did need to be scrubbed. I mixed the mud to the perfect color and consistency, taped off everything I didn't want covered in yellow~ and 'we' were ready to go.

There is an art to slapping on mud, with a casual perfection. I think I finally got it as I rounded the last cabinet! I never did develop the quick or the easy style. I managed to cover everything...the floor, the trim, and myself.
I will admit... it looks fabulous! It gives our whole kitchen a Tuscan style. It is much lighter, brighter, and fresh looking.
I am now more convinced than ever that behind the cameras at buy-it-here-and-do-it-yourself-TV there are extra helpers. So much for reality TV. Next you will try to convince me that the Bachelor isn't really in love.

What do y'all think?


Anonymous said...

It looks great! Sounds like you worked really hard, but it was worth it by looking at the end result.

What?? Are you telling me the Bachelor isn't in love? Seriously?? ;)

Unknown said...

I think this is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Thanks - don't think I will be hiring out any time soon!

Michelle said...

Looks lovely! We did Venetian plaster of almost the same hue in our kitchen to cover wallpaper frights from a decade earlier! It was the way to go.

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