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Friday, June 08, 2012

Wine Tasting ~ Martin del Nero

One of our favorite day trips when in Italy is a wine tasting.

This year we were treated to a special winetasting at the Martin del Nero winery of Anna Lisa Tempestini. She is a busy woman, mom and wine maker ~ delightful !
Her home is a former monestary . . . the builder was Martin del Nero.
He wrote a prayer in the cement in the cellar hundreds of years ago ~ blessing the home and the wine to come.
So when it came time to name her wine, she wanted to honor this man and bring his name to life.  

and so the name Martin del Nero for her winery.

Her wine is made with respect to the land and the grapes ~ with enthusiasm and passion.

We so enjoyed meeting Annalisa and hearing her story. Her wine is as bold and exciting as she is.
A woman who is making her way into the famous winemakers of Tuscany.

What a thrill to be there . . . and she will be having a special wine show in London soon.
While we were there 'Lefty' made his first appearance . . . More on him later!
Ciao y'all~


Holledayz said...

Love this blog...good memories!

Gail Hecko said...

Great post, Sandi! You captured Annalisa and her passion for wine just right....

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