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Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Favorites ~ Clet Art

This is a fun Friday's Favorites . . . for me anyway.
Before I went to Italy, I had heard of Clet Abraham and his 'grafitti signs' in Florence. My Friend in Florence even posted about him.
I was determined to keep my eyes open . . . like a scavenger hunt!
So imagine my thrill when I saw this near Vatican City in Rome ~ Notice the angel wings.
I was keeping my eyes open . . . and my camera ready in Florence.
Near the corner gelato shop . . .

On 'my' via Del Giglio ~ where my Hotel Burchianti is. I wonder if he did this just for me?
Then of course . . . one for the masses of tourists in front of the Duomo.

I wonder how many people actually look up from their Rick Steves guidebook to notice?

What is your favorite today?
Y'all join in~


Half Baked said...

Neat. You're probably right about not many people even noticing! I was going to link up but couldn't get the link to work.

Virginia said...

I posted one from the Marais in Paris too! :)

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