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Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Local Winery ?

We had a fun evening when we went with WhistleStop 'family' Arnold and Wanda Ruben to a local winery.
Yes  .  .  .  local!
Vizzini Winery in Calera.
They have a couple of nice wines.
 I love their local labels
~ I need to remember these for the BIG Auburn/Alabama game.
Their Chardonnay and Cabernet were good . . . just because you can't grow grapes in Alabama, doesn't mean you can't process them here!

 There was music and dancing . . .

and even a little romancing.
We watched as a helecopter landed and this good southern boy got down on one knee...

In the light of a beautiful Alabama sunset.
I wonder if they'll be needing a cake topper?
Come back tomorrow  .  .  . I have a new couple to show off.
Y'all enjoy~


JDeQ said...

I think I hear winemakers throughout the wine regions of the world crying . . .

Holledayz said...

What a find for November! Better than Boone's Farm!

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