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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

oh Lucky day~

9 . number 9 full stop Educational Brick Number 9

Happy 9/9/9.
I don't know for sure, but I think this is a very lucky day. Apparently the Japanese see the number 9 as unlucky, but I will stick with the Chinese on this one.
I prefer to think positively... now if I just had a lottery ticket.
If nothing else we can have takeee-outeee for dinner.
Y'all let me know if this has been a good day for you.


Kristin said...

I'm still out on this one. It hasn't been unlucky, but I just realized I have forgotten how to cook!! You'll have to come on over tomorrow to see my disaster! Sho-ee!!

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Yes, it has been a pretty good day for me! Hope it has been for you as well! :) Thanks for the "Welcome back to Blogland!" I have you missed all you blogging gals/friends! ~hugs, Rhonda :)

Beth said...

I'd have to say it was lucky for me. I saw my 4-year-old write her name all by herself for the first time!! I'm soooo proud.

Holledayz said...

You know my story....unlucky! Good, I needed something else to blame it on..jet med's,blonde,the number 9!!!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Kristen~ I see you are tring to cook for the family on $75 a week... good luck with that.
Rhonda~ Everyone needs a break every now and then. we've missed you!
Beth~ now that is lucky!
Holly~ You are such a ding dong. I would have made sure we were at the right tube station.

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