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Friday, March 07, 2008

A Recipe a Day?

My friend Sandi at Holding Patterns has suggested that I post a recipe everyday in March~ that is madness! To do that I would have to cook (really cook!) everyday. Believe it or not... this kitchen is sometimes closed.

I wanted to point out that you can always find a recipe at the WhistleStop Cafe! On the side bar (look left <~ ) there is a link to every recipe I have ever posted.
Start Your Engines is the list of appetizers.
Soups On! are all our soups, including a recipe for a good southern roux.
Mac & Cheese is a Veggie is the place to find your veggie side dish.
Supper Time lists entrees, sandwiches and 'main' dishes.
Gimmie Some Sugar is the spot to look for a yummy dessert.
If you are looking for cornbread or dough look under Our Daily Bread.
Wet Your Whistle has a few drink recipes... I may need to post more of those with St Patrick's Day around the corner.

We also have cookbooks A Pinch of Dis, a Pinch of Dat, our Country Store. No excuses Sandi!

I also want to thank Diva Julie for my pretty fabric, I am looking for some matching colors to whip up a new apron. Yesterday I got a package in the mail from Australia. Rob at Creative Spirit sent me a beautiful crystal bracelet. Rob has recently had eye surgery and is slowly recovering. I hope the creativity will continue!

So thanks to all y'all~


Jeanne said...

Oh boy saw you at Sandi and Kari's and thought I'd stop by for a spell. Better warm up the printer for the recipes you've got here.

joan said...

You always have great recipes! I love your new bracelet, very pretty. Have a great weekend!

Back Through Time said...

I hope you have a relaxing weekend!! Glad you close the kitchen once in a while!!!

Mary Isabella said...

We are being covered with snow here in our part of Kentucky. Have a beautiful weekend........

Pearl Maple said...

How cool a recipe a day is a big effort but then again, mac & cheese is a vegetable will be hard to miss.

Wyanne said...

Thanks for all the recipes! I can't wait to try some of them. And thanks for stopping by my blog and wishing me a Happy Birthday! You are the best. Love, Wyanne

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