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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pomodori e Vino

Now... You can officially call me wacked. ***see the end of the post.
This is my week to rise to the Pomodori e Vino Challenge. We are slowly working our way through the Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking, and are now into the soups. 'Luckily', today in Alabama we are watching southern springtime storms roll through... the perfect day for a bowl of soup! We will stay home and be safe.
I made my soup saturday, I'll blog it today, and post it to Facebook on Friday. I hope y'all are friends on Facebook and following along on our daily journey.
This recipe is Potato Soup with Split Green Peas.***
Pretty basic right? The thing about all of Marcella Hazan's recipes is the layers of flavor. Simple ingredients with flavors that all pile in your mouth.

This soup starts with a basic homemade meat broth that I made ahead and froze.
The potatoes and peas are slowly cooked in the meat broth until tender. The southern term is smishing... Marcella says to puree them in a food mill then return them to the pot.
Onions cooked in butter and oil, to add another layer of flavor.
Finally parmigiano-reggiano and a fresh crostini.
It is hard to get a pretty picture of green pea soup~ but believe me the flavors pop in your mouth.

Another beautiful dish!
***now for the wacked part.
I am not 'Split Pea Soup'~ I am 'Green Pea Soup'
Lucky for you... you get two of Marcella's pea soup posts this week.
Bill will be thrilled!!
Ciao y'all~


April said...

Sounds yummy. I found your Cheese Grit casserole (posted JANUARY 13, 2008) and would love to use if for a Kentucky Derby party I am having Saturday. But could you tell me what a garlic cheese roll is please? Is it like Alouette Cheese or something, and do you have a brand? Thanks so much.

Fifi Flowers said...

YUM!!! I think I will make soup today... you may have inspired me to cook or I'm just hungry... hmmm.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

April~ I hope you come back looking for a reply. The cheese rolls are similar to cheez whiz and are in a plastic round tube in the cheese section. Almost any cheese would work~ I'm sure the alouette would be awesome!
Fifi~ I have been following you around Paris! Glad you found the time to stop in.

Unknown said...

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kayerj said...

yum, I love split pea soup! I'll have a bowl.

bed frames said...

I guess I need a soup today even if the weather is hot.

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

This is a soup that would be pretty hard to resist!!

April said...

Thanks Sandi. I did come back to find your answer. And I love this website. Think I will put a link to it on my Facebook page!

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