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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Up & Running!

We started this bloggin' thing a month ago....I have learned a lot! I have gone from a total computer imbecile to a web surfer- OK, still surfing with swimmies on. Getting my feet wet was the biggest step, I have Robert Linthout our web designer to thank for that little push.

I have learned the most from friends at Slow Travel- a web site that is not only travel related, but a bit of everything, from food to fashion. A site like this shows what a small world we live in, Alabama to Australia, we are all the same. When you get down to the heart of things, we care about family, food, trying new things, and finding comfort in the familiar. We now have a new international counter that can track visitors. It will be fun to watch the flags pop up with friends around the world!

I have also learned some other things in dealing with the Internet...don't search with words like couple or sausage, images will pop up that can make you spew coffee. We really don't want to see our kid's 'My Space'. The html's and url's are really not as intimidating as they seem. (If this entire site disappears tomorrow you will know I goofed!) Words can always be edited, and God invented spell check to make us all feel smarter. I am still wowed by the things I have managed to do...Not uncommon in this quiet house to hear a 'woopie' when something actually works.

I have also learned that there is more to how to keep pictures from being fuzzy, how to be found by the search thingy's, and how to get Bill to start posting!
Bye Y'all,

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