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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Off to Boston!

I am off to Boston!. My sister and her family live in a small town on the south shore. She is a southern girl who is learning to bloom in the cold New England weather.
Good home cooking is the same no matter where you are. I love a great pot of chowder-- in fact one of our first stops will have to be Legal Seafood.
There are so many things she is not able to find in the stores. I think it is a hoot that 'southern food' is in the foreign foods section! Grits can be found next to the soy sauce. Mexican, Asian, Southern.
I plan to pack a suitcase with treats from Alabama. The security check point will wonder what-the-heck? I don't dare carry anything on- unlike years ago when I had a small backpack cooler full of cream corn and krispy kreme donuts.
I better start looking for my long-johns! Then I am off to the store for pecans, buffalo rock gingerale, Zatarans shrimp boil, and of course some WhistleStop marinade
Bye Y'all,

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