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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Who's Traveling now?

It is always fun when Mark Leslie of Beyond The Pasta fame comes to Birmingham to do a cooking class at Birmingham Bake and Cook.
Susan's shop is a great place for all your cooking needs and an occasional cooking class.   
Anyway ~ it is fun to see Mark and share our Italian travel stories.
We were learning to make risotto ~
Y'all know that risotto is one of my favorite 'go-to' dishes. I am always up for learning something new.
Mark showed us some of Nonna's tips, about making a traditional risotto.
He also made some arancini. "Little Oranges"
These are little balls of saffron risotto with bits of mozzarella and ragu in the middle.
Little cheesey mouthfuls of Italy!

What a fun evening!
I know that Mark is back in town tonight for more classes . . . if you aren't busy give Susan a call!

Y'all enjoy the ride~


bellini said...

Arancini is not something I have made before but would hope to try someday. Your cooking class looked like so much fun!

italy castle said...

Risotto is very testy and I like it to eat very much. Thanks for sharing this nice post here with us.

Holledayz said...

Oh man those look good! Did you sneak on in your pocket for Bill?

Voyage Toscane said...

Your post is really nice, Thank you for sharing this wonderful info and your beautiful photos.

Tuscany Villas Rent said...

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