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Saturday, October 27, 2012

PhotoHunt *Spooky*

The PhotoHunt for this week is Spooky ~
I didn't think that would be so hard . . . but I hunted through years of photos and couldn't find anything spooky.
So I will go back to the basilica Santa Maria sopra Minerva in Rome.

Skeletons are often used in the 15th century to represent eternal life . . .
This winged skull would spook me

While this is one of the most beautiful churches in Rome, tucked just behing the Pantheon, ~ the lighting could be a little spooky

Especially if they were preaching 'fire and brimstone'
But I think fire and brimstone is more a Southern Baptist kind of thing~

Check for all the other Spooky Photos on The Saturday PhotoHunt
Happy Hunting y'all~


Anonymous said...


I bet you could find plenty of spooky shots in youe Savannah pics . . . I thought about them after I had already posted.

Carver said...

Those are great shots and work well for the theme.

✿ chica said...

Perfeitas para o tema!abraços,chica

ancient one said...

The skull is spooky... loved all your photos..

Mar said...

Enjoyed your pictures, I didn't know about skulls representing eternal life... spooky!


Pam said...

Spooky for sure! Your photos are excellent!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Rome is a treasure trove of beauty!! Always enjoy the mini-visit with you!! blessings ~ tanna

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