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Friday, October 12, 2012

Hope you have a Friday Favorite

I have been a bad blogger this week . . . sometimes life just get's in the way.
So, It's friday and I'm just now posting something ~ I know y'all will understand.
Now . . . just in time for Friday Favorites ~

I am headed to Charlotte for a little LuLu time and to celebrate Hope's birthday.
I can't believe this sweet little thing is one!
That's a Friday's Favorite for sure.
What is your favorite today?

Y'all join in~


Lyndsey Chapin said...

What a sweet face, so precious. Yes I know what you mean about life getting in the way of our blogging!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Enjoy your time with sweet Hope!

Mari said...

She's so adorable! Enjoy your time!

Anonymous said...

Have fun (as if that is even in question)! *smile*

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