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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Traveling Tuesdays ~ Victoria

When we were in London, we stayed in the Sloane Square area~ On the 'royal' side of Victoria Station. We were only a few blocks from Buckingham Palace.
Holly's flat is awesome! One rainy morning we walked past this neighborhood square.
Here is a statue of the young Queen Victoria, with a very fashionable hairstyle..
She ruled the UK for 64 years with Albert; who was her husband, and truely the love of her life.She looks so sweet... young and regal. A lot different than the pictures of her in her later years!
By all reports, when Albert died she was devistated.
She lived a life of seclusion in Windsor and Balmoral castle ~ I've traveled to both!
Speaking of travels...

Where are y'all traveling~

1 comment:

nanny said...

Great pictures...

I guess if I were to live in seclusion....Windsor and Balmoral wouldn't be bad places!!

Isn't London wonderful?

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