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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Beautiful Croatia!

It is early sunday morning in London. So I have the jump start on my bloggy friends. Y'all can wake to some sunday morning photos. I thought I'd share some images of Croatia. It is a beautiful country that was never a place I needed to see. Now, I am so glad that I did!
I was lucky to be included with the American Women's Club in London, and made some new friends. We shared a lot of laughs on these beautiful streets of Dubrovnik.
We saw this chapel ~ The Lady of the Rocks.
It was built over hundreds of years on an island that was built of rocks. and another boat ride to one of the Dalmation islands~

Y'all enjoy!


bellini said...

Sounds like a dream come true Sandi!!

JDeQ said...

looks lovely - you did well since most of your photos wer really single frame videos! *smile*

Albert said...

I'm glad you liked our country... I dunno to how many places you've been besides Dubrovnik and the surrounding islands and terrain..but there is a lot more to be seen.. if you'd like to see more croatian places you might find this place interesting:

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