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Thursday, October 30, 2008


I've been Boo'd!

I thought Leigh in Bloggeritaville appreciated being the Lucky Winner... Then she went and boo'd me. She's been having a fun costume contest~ check it out! I love getting ideas for dressing up this time of year.

I wanted to post about the shoes that you may have seen the top chef assistants wearing in Palma's kitchen. First, you need to know that Palma posted about the Italian Shoes she bought in Portofino.

As I was standing in the shoe section of the dollar store (now that is a scary thought), I was hit with a brilliant idea. I had to call my sister in London because I was laughing so hard at my flash of creativity. Beware of fabulous hormonal women laughing out loud in the dollar store.

I bought 3 pair of red and white crocish style shoes.

The first attempt with paint didn't quite work. The second trip for 3 more pair of shoes was just as fun. I used both plastic spray paint and craft paint. By the way~ if anyone knows what kind of paint sticks to plastic shoes put it on the internet so that google will know.

The final result was perfect~ for the photos! Jerry, Paul, and I were dressed for work; slicing, dicing, grilling, and dish washing.
The paint began to crack by the end of the evening. Not the solution for long term painting or packing in suitcases.

So Palma, you and Ego may want to look under the bed.

Boo y'all!



Josh Lane said...

There's that funny shoes snooze cruise photo again! Love it. Also, good to see the red, white and green was contagious.

justabeachkat said...

Hi Sandi

I haven't been by in awhile. Between our trips, my getting the flu and all my company for the breast cancer walk, my life has been c-r-a-z-y!!! Everyone has gone now though and my house is quiet. BUT...I'm desperatly trying to get caught up and it's been fun seeing what you've been doing. As usual, you've been busy too and doing lots of fun things. Good eats too!

Hey, you've been boo-ed by me too, so come by when you can.


Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Josh~ sometimes the funniest photo just happens.
Kat~ you are boo-ing me too? I'm on my way over.

Anonymous said...

Love those crocs Sandi. Ours are in a special spot just awaiting the right moment.

Anonymous said...

Sandi those were just the best idea! Ego seems to love them too. You are too cute and clever to boot! Barb Cabot

Darius T. Williams said...

the photos are nice! Boo to you too!!!!


Leigh said...

How cute! LOL! Hey...I hope I still have a pic of my cernter piece...its simple.

CC said...

Hi from Texas via BATW. I just had to leave a comment when I saw the name of your blog. "Back in the day",,the Whistle Stop was our favorite hang out. It was the only place to be...Thanks for bringing back good memories. :)p.s. I have 2 blogs..sueskitchen and Come visit.

TeaLady said...

Paint some black on the red and they could be watermelon shoes for the summer. Cute idea. And boo to you too.

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