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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Photo Hunt ~ Sad

The photo hunt this week is 'sad'.
I don't keep a lot of 'sad' photos around... it is just not my nature.
But this photo I love.

It could be sad~
Depending on Virgin Air flying east or west!

It does remind me that my family is only a flight away.
Cheers y'all!


windycorner said...

That picture makes me sigh and my wandering heart ache.

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Well, I can get sad...sad because I do not like to fly and yet it gets you so many places so quickly. sigh.


Flo said...

Oh my God have I enjoyed reading and looking at your blog!
I came across it indirectly from the Blogs of Note, and the name of the blog reminded me of that beautiful movie.
Anyway, I have made a link to your blog on mine.
Beautiful pics, great recipes, I just love it!
Congratulations from Chile.

girasoli said...

I think this is a good representation of sad. Always sad leaving those you love to travel and sad returning home leaving the wonderful vacation spot you just visited.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Holley~ That 'wandering heart' describes it perfectly.
Francie~ you and Bill!!!
Flo~ So glad you found us. I hope you come back often.
Girasoli~ It depends if I'm headed east or west :-(

Irene said...

Oh... There's a story behind this. Thanks for dropping by ;)

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Irene~ There is always a story! It usually begins and ends with a flight.

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