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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What a Day

Guess who is 40 today?
Kari you are a classic!
Stop by for the birthday blog party!

If that doesn't make today special enough...

We are going to have a lunar eclipse tonight. It won't happen again until 2010.
I hope I can stay awake and get a better picture of the man in the moon.



Tonja said...

Hey Sandi.

I love to keep up with things like the eclipse tonight. It is fascinating to me. So, I will be up and outside watching, too!

joan said...

Hi Sandi,

I have my camera by the door and hoping to get a good shot. I just hope my fingers don't freeze while taking a shot outside, it's really cold here tonight.

Doodles said...

such a cloudy day here in Southern CA that I doubt we'll see it.

Mary Isabella said...

I saw it and it was amazing. We took some pictures...Mary

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

We saw it, but couldn't get a good picture... the one I posted is the best!

Bax said...

It was a rather exciting day, wasn't it! I made it to the party, but could only stay a minute! ; ) And I didn't get to see the eclipse...we were having thunder storms. But I'm sure everyone with clear skies got a wonderful show! Take care!


Sandi McBride said...

Wasn't that fabulous? I sent my son an e-mail to remind him so the G'Girl wouldn't miss it! I'll bet the ancients were terrified by favorite scene in Connecticutt Yankee (In King Arthurs Court) was the way he got out of a jam by following his almanac and knowing when it was going to be...the Bing Crosby one now, the only one that was any good! Hope you enjoyed your party

windycorner said...

Hi Sandi,
The clouds blew away just long enough for us to see the "blood moon". I was thinking the same thing as Sandi this scared superstitious ancient folks. We really surprised Kari, didn't we. Hope Kijsa got a good picture of her on the BIG day.

KJ said...

I just realized that Kari had her 40th Birthday on the lunar eclipse day! Very cool.

Have a wonderful day!

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