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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wrap It Up

I have always enjoyed wrapping gifts at Christmas time. My first job many, many years ago was working in the gift wrap department at JC Penney. That was the best... endless supplies right at your fingertips.

Now I am a little more creative. I cut strips of netting for my bows. They make great big fluffy ties. Then instead of using tags, I write names right on the package. For the little one's this year I painted some big letters in black. MaryJoan can use her letters later in her room.
Brooke will find something to do with her big letter 'B' as well.
Not only is it easy, but they look pretty under the tree!

Bill is more of a gift bag kind of guy. I haven't seen any under the tree with my name on them yet... ~=D
Everyone wraps in a different way. So y'all show me how you wrap your gifts~ I bet there are some creative ideas out there.
Check out PalmaBella's Christmas cans. There is nothing she can't do!
Merry Christmas y'all!


Pearl Maple said...

Lov'n the idea of big letters for tags! how fun

happy holidays to you and yours

Anonymous said...

What a great idea Sandi.

There aren't many gifts under the tree with my name on them either. hmmmm Something must be done about that!

Sandi McBride said...

I love gift wrapping, too. I still enjoy doing the curled paper ribbon for big floppy bows. I love wired ribbon, too. Once I saved all the Sunday comics for a year and wrapped the boys gifts in that. They loved it! Your gifts look good enough to open!!

Gail's Great Escapes said...

Gifts for me never appear under the tree until really LATE Christmas eve.....some people in this family leave their shopping till the last minute!

I like looking at the gifts and wondering....:)

Jan said...

What a clever idea! I would never have thought of it!
I did gift wrapping in another life at a department store. So much fun!


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

The first job I had as a teenager was wrapping gifts at Christmas time for the drygoods store in the small town we lived in. It was so much fun and I got a date for Christmas with the guy who worked there also. It was a magcial Christmas for a 16 year old girl. Merry Christmas

Back Through Time said...

I love using the netting for bows and what a great idea to use large letters!!
Merry Christmas!

Gigi said...

I love the big letters! Sandi you're too much!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful packages, Sandi. I'm sure Bill and Brad will be wrapping our gifts all weekend!

Tracey said...

Hey Sandi!

Been a few days since I've visited! Gosh! Where does the time go?!

Love your gift-wrapping! I've got lots here you can do!

Merry Christmas!

PAT said...

I love those big letters...I have to go right by Michaels tomorrow..I think I'll pick up some felt! Great idea!!


Donetta said...

That is a great idea using the netting

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Sandi- that is a great idea about the comics... perfect for boys.
Gail- another last minute shopper!
Mary Isabella- what a funny story, where is he now?
Anonymous posting about gifts from Brad? It can only be PalmaBella!

windycorner said...

Great ideas! Ilove the netting for bows and the initial letters. Those presents are too pretty to open.

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