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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Traveling Tuesday ~ Day Tripping

This Traveling Tuesday ~ let's hop the train and go day tripping to Brighton.

Just a hour or 2 on the train south from Victoria Station . . . and you come into the beautiful Brighton rail station.
This is just the beginning of the amazing Victorian style in this town.

The most amazing building in Brighton is the  Royal Pavilion . . . and I mean the most amazing as in I HAVE EVER SEEN.
It was built in the 1800's for the Regent Prince ~ soon to be King George IV. It was first his play house, then his show house.
It is so over the top, with ginormous chandeliers, and ornate oriental/Moroccan design. No photos inside ~ but they wouldn't have shown the scale or magnificence.
It's no wonder that Queen Victoria found it to be gaudy.

We then wandered through the narrow lanes to the Brighton Pier. (with a little shopping along the way) Of course we had to stop for some fish and chips.

If it looks cold . . . that's because we are on the coast of the United Kingdom.
It was wet and COLD!

But fun ~
No wonder King George and all his friends loved to go day-tripping to Brighton.

Y'all enjoy the ride~

1 comment:

Naturegirl said...

Sandi! Thanks for this visit to Brighton!I'm sure one is taken back in time with all the history!

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