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Monday, March 11, 2013

Let's make Sushi ~

Not many people can say they traveled all the way to London, to learn to make sushi.
Even when it is at Jamie Oliver's cooking school ' Recipease ' in Notting Hill.

It was the perfect activity, for my jet-lagged brain. Especially since we didn't start drinking wine until after the big knives were put away.

I have been a part of a lot of cooking classes, I don't think any were as well done as this. Everything was prepped and ready for us to do the chopping and dicing. There was even a 'rubbish bin' for our bits. (can you tell that I am still typing with my British accent? )

The secret to the rice . . . remains a secret. It is a certain kind of rice, cooked in a certain amount of water (to the knuckle), until it foams and floats to the top. It is then stirred until shinny with a slurrie of vinegar and sugar.
There is a certain art to rolling too. Use the fancy bamboo pad, covered with 'cling'. Roll it tightly, without squishing out the ingredients.

Ours looked and tasted like a pro might have made them . . .

My conclusion . . . I will continue to let the master sushi makers make mine. There are lots of ingredients that you use about a teaspoon of. It does make a fun day!

Tomorrow, for Traveling Tuesday, I'll take a stroll around Notting Hill.

Y'all enjoy ~


Fairhope Supply Co. said...

Now that sounds like a fun class! I've tried to make sushi at home. It was okay for things like veggie sushi and hotdog sushi for the kid's lunch boxes. They thought it was great, but I'm like you. I'll leave the real stuff to the pros!

bellini said...

Just spending some time in London might be enough, but I am also a huge Jamie Oliver fan. Lucky you.

larry smith said...

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