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Monday, March 25, 2013

~ Malta ~

I am going to combine my ' Monday Blues ' and my ' Traveling Tuesdays ' . . . with a trip to the beautiful blues of Malta.

I can't exactly say the bright and sunny blues of Malta . . .
Because, we were there for the windiest and rainiest weather they had seen in months.

The Maltese islands are south of Sicily and north of the North African coast. 
Imagine the wind and rain being carried with the sands of the Saraha desert.
Their culture is an interesting mix of Italian, Arabic, and British.

We had a fabulous guide ; Victoria Bezzina is a young Maltese local who kept us amazed and entertained with her stories about the history of the island. This is her link On-Line

We learned a lot about the Maltese Knights, or as you might have heard 'The Knights of St.John'. You could see the old Maltese cross on most of the 365 churches in the country.
I didn't realize that they were a catholic order, straight from the Vatican.
The 8 points of the cross, represented the coutry origin of the knights . . . Except for the little problem when King Henry VIII changed to the church of England.  THAT is history!

With all the churches in Malta . . . there are even more harbors.
Of course there is a strong history of pirates in the Maltese Islands, and trade of salts and spices from the Mediterranian.

During the second world war, Malta was a British colony and was heavily bombed.
The Maltese people lived behind these city walls to survive.

Malta is not a place that I had ever thought of visiting... but luckily I was able to tag along with my sister's friends from the American Women's Club of London.
Not a place that had been on my 'bucket list' ~ but I'm so glad I was able to experience it. Especially with friends and Victoria as our guide.

The last day we were able to get a peak of the blue skies . . . along with a couple more of those 365 churches in Valetta. I'll take you traveling there another day . . .

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Y'all enjoy ~



Sarah said...

I have always wanted to go to Malta. I look forward to more of your adventures.

SmilingSally said...

I could see that wind with the palm tree blowing toward one side in one of your pictures. Sand mixed in...not a pleasant day, I'm sure.

However, your trip sounded just blue-tiful! Thanks for sharing.

Happy Blue Monday, Sandi.

Ann said...

The waters look so choppy. The picture of the blue boat with red trim in so striking!! What a fabulous and gorgeous place to visit.

bj said...

....and I thought it was only that windy in West Texas. hahhaa
Beautiful photos.

Holledayz said...

Excellent job with the history lesson and photos! Love the one with the palm tree! Malta was an unexpected pleasure and I loved sharing it with you!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Sarah~ I didn't think anyone wanted to go to Malta :-)
Sally & BJ~ there was sand in that wind. (kind of like west texas)
Ann~ Thank you for the comment. I loved that picture too.
Holly~ We always have fun!!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Oh Wow -- what an interesting and exotic place to visit, Sandi! The waters there look so blue! I bet the food was fantastic there with such a mix of cuisines!

bellini said...

ow I have added Malta to my bucket list of places I must visit.

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