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Saturday, March 02, 2013

PhotoHunt ~Steel

The photohunt for today is 'Steel'
Since I have been in London all week, I decided to take you for a walk about . . .

There are black 'steel' fences all around the neighborhood.
Even though we are in the heart of the city, there are some beautiful little gardens.
Lovely !

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Happy Hunting y'all~


Anonymous said...

My favourite photohunts are 'live ones'. Love the shots Sandi and hope that you're having a brilliant time.

Becca said...

One of the advantages of having a steel fences especially those living in the city. Its a protection if they want create a small garden. Love those fences!

Vane M. said...

As flores delicadas e coloridas fazem um lindo contraste com a abraço!

Carver said...

Those are charming shots. I must have forgotten to pop by for steel last week.

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