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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Traveling Tuesday ~ la Tagliata

Another post-it note to remind my own self about another restaurant in Positano . . .
 la Tagliata is a lot of fun.
They will come pick you up . . . which is nice in an area where only the Italian's should get behind the wheel.
This is a ride up and out of Positano, to a place that hangs off the side of a cliff. 
The food is plentiful ~ and good.

The wine plentiful ~ and not so good.
(yes that is moisture on the red wine . . .  from being kept in the fridge)

The Limoncello is icy cold ~ just as it should be. 

A trip to la Tagliata is mostly worth the views.

There is also some singing, and dancing, and napkin twirling ~
Overall a FUN evening . . .
That's what traveling tuesdays are all about.
Y'all enjoy the ride~


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bellini said...

I did not eat there but heard good things. I have also heard good things about a restaurant also up in the mountains outside of Positano called The Earth. Highly recommended by a chef friend.

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