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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tomato Upsidedown Garden

I had mentioned that I was planning to try growing my tomatoes upside down this year...

It's working so far!

First I cut a hole in the bottom of a bucket. I planted the tomato with the stem going through the bottom of the bucket. I used a coffee filter to keep the dirt from pouring out the bottom. My dad always said to plant tomatoes up to the bottom leaf, so there would be more roots to feed the plant. In this case, I planted them so that only the top leaves poked out the bottom.

I planted some marigolds in the tops of the buckets~ that was so they didn't just look like buckets hanging in my yard (gotta keep the neighbors happy!)
So far so good, they are growing well, I even have some babies. I've got Big Boys, Romas and some cherry tomatoes growing. I've also planted some yellow squash and snap peas. We'll see how much the rabbits and deer leave behind. We don't have a traditional garden like most southerners do. Just lots of pots and things mixed in with my flower beds. The herbs are growing like crazy~ mint, basil, rosemary, and sage.

At this rate, maybe I will have something to share by the end of summer. In the mean time I'm off to Wayne's Market to buy some beautiful tomatoes.
How's your garden growing?


Barb said...

I've never heard of this, Sandi. I can't grow tomatoes worth a hoot. I wonder if this would work for me. It's certainly different!

tut-tut said...

Well, for heaven's sakes! let me know how things work out.

By the way, i had a "Whistlestop BLT" the other day; instead of regular tomatoes, this one had fried green ones! One of my lunch companiona, who also had the same, pronounced it the best BLT she'd ever had. It was delicious.

"Early Bird" said...

a mater is a mater I reckon...teehee!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I don't wanna talk about my garden.
Will you have to also eat the tomatoes upside down?

Love Bears All Things said...

Great idea! I will try that next year. We have 5 planter tomatoes, doing well so far. I can't wait for those tomatoe sandwiches. My favorites are Beef Bologna, American cheese with tomatoes, mustard and mayo & BLTs.
I like my fried green tomatoes stacked in a homemade biscuit. That's the way I learned to like them growing up.
Mama Bear

sandi said...

Barb~ I'm good until the bugs come out...Then I'll just go to the market.
Tut& Momma Bear~ you have to try our Green Tomatoe batter mix, it is so simple. Try green tomatoes cut up on a salad like croutons.
Birdy~ They aught to taste even better!
Shabby~ you are too funny!

Carla said...

Facinating...I've never seen tomatos planted this way. I look forward to hearing how they turn out. I might just have to try that next year.

Elle said...

Looks like fun Sandi. I like it that we both combine pots and plants in the ground. Do post about it when the hanging garden produced the first tomato!

Kristen said...

I love this idea! Is there a benefit to growing them upside-down vs the regular way?

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