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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Centerpiece of the Month~ May

It is that time again... Time to post our centerpiece of the month. Janelle at Talk of Tomatoes has done a great job of keeping this going.

Our goal every month is to come up with a new time goes by it is getting harder to be original.

Last month there were some really fun ideas. Dhana brought tomatoes and basil into her Fresh Kitchen and made a yummy centerpiece. Sherry at What Did You Eat? show'd what the cow had eaten. Janelle has a second blog Brown Bag Blues and used that alias to post a great centerpiece. I posted with the help of springtime in Alabama.

So just the other day I was sitting outside with a glass of sweet tea after pruning the gardenia bushes. My mind wandered to the centerpiece of the month~ I needed something really good this month. As with most brilliant ideas~ it was right in front of me!

So here it is a jar full of fragrent gardenias and a glass of mint sweet tea.
I hope we get a few new posters for the centerpiece of the month~ we've been lagging a little! Janelle's instructions are simple. I wonder what's on your table?
Y'all get busy!


Mallow said...

I have added Centerpiece of the Month to my list of blog events - I was not aware of it before. By the way, I love your blog. It makes me nostalgic for my childhood in Texas!

"Early Bird" said...

Those gardenia's are so pretty...hey and pass that glass of tea...I'm thirsty after eating catfish for supper...come on over to my place for a piece...

Rhoda said...

Oh, I just love the smell of gardenias in bloom. They should make a great centerpiece.

Southern Hospitality

Kelly-Jane said...

They are so pretty, the black pot really sets them off :)

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Oh this sounds fun! I'll jump in later when I get caught up on some the tea and gardenias....that sounds like the name for a new blog, doesn't it?

PAT said...

Hi Sandi...I love gardenias! I'll try giving the "centerpiece of the month" a whirl, soon!

Back Porch Musings

sandi said...

Mallow~ it is easy and fun to see what everyone comes up with.
Early~ That catfish looked yummy!
Rhonda~ you know the problem with gardenias...they don't last long enough
Kelly-Jane~ Did you see my reflection in the black jar?
Shabby~ Are you looking for another blog?? You have your hands full now.
Pat~ I can't wait to see what's on your back porch!

Southern Heart said...

I love grandmother had a huge gardenia in her front yard, and they bring back the happiest memories for me. I will have to see what centerpiece I can come up with (my garden is very unhappy with me working so much this year).

Thank you for your sweet comment tonight; I'm like you in that I can't believe how quickly these children have turned into grown-ups. It goes so fast...but it's nice seeing the adults they become, too. :)

Joy T. said...

MMmmm there is nothing finer than the smell of Gradenias. Beautiful. And a nice glass of tea would sure hit the spot right about now. Great COTM!

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