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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Have you ever seen something and thought 'I can do that'?
Unfortunately, I am the Queen of 'I can do that'~ Bill is the King of 'I don't think that is going to work'. As much as I hate to admit it...sometimes Bill is right.

This was a fantastic idea I saw in a magazine. A cute idea for a gift box for that little something special!
It still is a fun idea, and someone else may be able to get it to work. I melted chocolate to pipe in and 'glue' the corners.
Good thing I was quick with the camera~ because the minute I turned my back I had a pile of hershey's chocolate.
At least it was yummy!


Kristen said...

I am like you... my husband is like yours. Either way, it was a good effort! I can see how it would be a neat thing to do.

Elle said...

Even if it was quickly over, that really is a magnificent box! Beautiful with the strawberries. I never listen to Sweetie's warnings, which makes for interesting new experiences :)

Giddy said...

The one time we made chocolate "bowls" for our mousse was a riot. H had blown up balloons and then tried dipping them in melted chocolate. The balloons exploded and he had chocolate all over him and the kitchen! What a mess. We did finally get them put together - just had to wait til the chocolate cooled off enough to dip the balloons.

Baking Soda said...

Here's another one like you, with a husband like yours.... Don't tell me it's a male-female thing 'cause I don't want to know!
In fact I'm known to clip these kind of bright ideas to use in the future (aka in this house as never)

doodles said...

ditto on the husband issue and all along I thought my momma was the Queen of I can do that and I inherited this wonderful trait from her. I too have made chocolate bowls and that was a memorable experience.

Question - could you have used royal icing as the glue of course tinted chocolate. Just wondering.

sandi said...

Kristen~ there can't be 2 Bills...and Baking Soda...and Doodles! Maybe we aren't so strange after all.
Elle~ I'm glad your on our side!
Giddy~ I saw Paula Deen do those chocolate bowls with the ballons, I think I will let that be a project for the kids and I'll stand back with the camera.
Doodles~ try the royal icing and let me know how it works. Great idea!

Glenna said...

That's pretty cool! I'm wondering if it would have worked better if instead of melted chocolate if we used royal icing. It could be left white or colored a contrasting color or colored brown to match the chocolate.

It might be interesting to see if it worked...?

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