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Saturday, December 22, 2012

PhotoHunt ~ Kindness

The PhotoHunt for today is Kindness~
I think kindess is the most important trait to instill in our children.

You is KIND ~
You is SMART ~
With that . . . we can bring kindness to the world.
and what a difference that would make.

Happy Hunting y'all~


Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

Oh, how precious- and funny!

Vane M. said...

que doce, adorei! Um abraço e Feliz Natal, Sandi!

MaR said...

So true, adorable pics!

Felipa Monteverde said...

Lovely pics, so true what you said!

Vicki said...

Being kind is an extremely important thing to teach children (of any age). Never too early to start. Lovely interpretation.

Unexpected flowers given to me by kind people

Allthingsfoodie said...

Love the mirror shot! Happy happy happy!

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