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Sunday, December 30, 2012

An Auburn Weekend

Bill and I went to Auburn for a quick weekend with family ~ isn't that what the holidays are all about?
A roadtrip to grandmother's house . . .
Even though Auburn is a huge University town . . . to me it is just a small town.
A beautiful small town~
We grew up in Auburn ~ back when Toomer's was really a drug store!
It was the place to get a lemonaide ~
This photo of the great oak trees on Toomer's Corner is so sad to me.
They are trying to decide what to do with the corner ~ the trees were poisioned 2 years ago and will obviously have to be cut down.

We didn't need them much for toilet paper this year anyhoo ~
While we were there ~ we did a little shopping in town.
Of course . . .  Ware's Jewelry has been there like forever!!

Where else could you buy orange and blue pearls or one of oddles of 'tree' designs.
This hasn't been the best year for War Eagle fans ~ But now we are on the 'Gus Bus'
We are hoping for better things in 2013!
We will both be pulling for Alabama in the National Championship against Notre Dame ~
How 'bout y'all?


Annie Jeffries said...

I'm on the Alabama bus. Don't ask me why. Just am. I guess it's all about solidarity with my friends.

Sorry about the old oak tree. The poison must be in the soil too making it difficult to decide what to do.

jezinthekitchen said...

I think Auburn is my favorite town in Alabama, and I totally agree with you - although it's a big college town, it has a beautiful small-town feel to it. I am from Florida, but have lived in Alabama for 12 years now ... and slowly but surely becoming a true Tide fan :)

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

I hope that 2013 is rich in experiences, filled with love and happiness an great food Sandi. Have a safe and happy New Year. Smile often and those around you will too.

Holledayz said...

Great Blog LuLu....
Auburn will always be a special place for us but boy has it grown up! I'm on the Gus Bus with you!

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