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Monday, November 29, 2010

Blue Monday

What could be blue about the morning sun shining in the front of the house?
If you look closely...
You'll see!
Don't forget to check in at Smiling Sally for more blues.
y'all enjoy~


Char said...

:) you also will find some here.

Chef E said...

Oh yes, I have them, I hate to kill them since they eat the moths and things that plague my closets!

That photo is actually pretty creative too...maybe it will leave you a message like Charlotte :)

Tanna said...

LOL! Now, I would never have seen that if you hadn't pointed it out! I like those photos!

Justabeachkat said...

Actually I love spider's just the spiders I don't all!


(I'm in the process of decorating my house, but I take frequent breaks to visit my blog friend. Hehehe!)

Mya said...

Well, I guess you should leave it there through Christmas, at least. Remember the story about the spider and her weaving the decoration for the Christmas tree?
This web is especially pretty.I do not know how to do it, but there is a way to save chosen webs.
I like the table; it reminds me of the old trestle sewing machine stands.
I live over toward Atlanta, and one day I am going out your way to have Fried green tomatos. I had them once at a local fresh food cafe, and loved them.

SmilingSally said...

If you hung some tiny, blue ornaments on it, we'd call it "home decor!"

I love those blues!

Happy Blue Monday, Sandi.

nanny said...

Now that is a shot that I could get at my house.....the sun has been showing me so much lately....(so much that needs to be dusted)

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